Sesame Street Foodies Truck - Farm Segment (2023)
For Sesame Workshop - airing on HBO

Reading Rainbow Live
(2022) TV Pilot
for Ohana Pictures

Lovella (2021) Feature Drama (Currently in development/financing)
Written by Laurel Elizabeth Hasara
Produced by Lauren Lloyd

And How She- (2022) Feature Drama (Currently in Financing Phase)
JT3 Award for screenwriting & Directing
Selected to NY Stage & Film screenwriting workshop
Finalist for the Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship
Awarded scholarships to residencies at the Lighthouse Film Festival and the Nostos Screenwriting Retreat in Tuscany.

In This Life (2019) 11 min
BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM, Brooklyn Film Festival
BEST MUSICAL, Rhode Island Int’l Film Festival
Dance on Camera Festival, Lincoln Center
Northwoods Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival
On Art, Poland Film Festival
ADF Movies by Movers Film Festival
Kasish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival
Lighthouse Film Festival
Art of Brooklyn Film Festival
Bolton International Film Festival
Exit-6 Film Festival
Elba International Film Festival
InShadow Screendance Film Festival, Lisbon
Reel Affirmations Film Festival, Washington DC
Santa Monica College

Lone Signal (2016) Dance Film
Lighthouse International Film Festival
ADF Movies by Movers Festival
Vieques International Film Festival
Roxey Ballet Film Festival
Outlet Dance Project

Behind the Wall (2015)
In this magical realism tale, an injured young dancer flees her old life and moves into a strange dilapidated apartment - an apartment with a view into a world that moves to its own distinct rhythm.

GRAND PRIZE for Best Cinematography at the Rhode Island International Film Festival
BEST DIRECTOR Art of Brooklyn Film Festival
Hamptons International Film Festival
BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN, Canberra Short Film Festival
BEST SOUND DESIGN, Canberra Short Film Festival
Lighthouse International Film Festival
SEMI-FINALIST, Fine Arts Film Festival
Sanctuary Film Festival, Australia
Vassar Film Festival
BEST SHORT FILM, Moondance Film Festival
Citizen Jane Film Festival
BEST NEW TALENT, Seattle Shorts Film Festival
Choreoscope Film Festival
Atlanta Underground Film Festival
Triskelion Dance Film Festival
Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema
WOW Film Festival
Moovy Tanzfilmfestival Köln
HollyShorts Film Festival
ADF Movies by Movers
Film Fatales Screening at The Loft Theater, Tucson AZ
Film Fatales Screening at UCLA Melnitz Movies, Los Angeles
Film Fatales Screening at Refilmery, New York, NY
Arts & Beers Screening Series, Brooklyn, NY
#DirectedbyWomen Screening Series, Michigan State University
Dairy Arts Center, Boulder, CO
Film Fatales Screening and Panel at SoHo House, New York, NY



In This Life starring Robbie Fairchild. Directed by Bat-Sheva Guez. Choreography by James Alsop. Act II - Anger
Lone Signal Directed by Bat-Sheva Guez Starring Jessi Jamz Colon

Spotlight On (2013-2014) Web Series for Lincoln Center
Interviews and performances with artists from the New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Paul Taylor Dance Company, Emerson String Quartet, Kronos Quartet, and more. Twenty episodes. (co-directed with Emily Branham)

Paul Taylor Dance Company

A Day in Milan (2013) Short Film
A story of friendship, disappointment, and Milano, Italy. Created as part of the postcard film project with two days to shoot a film in a foreign country.
Bloody Hero International Film Festival
Aired on Frame Rate on NYC Media Channel 25.

A Day in Milan

Bedtime Stories (2011) Video Dance
Created for the Renegade Performance Group

bedtime stories

As Light As Air (2010) Video Installation and Sculpture
This video is projected onto a screen sculpture made of five rows of polyurethane strips, creating a 3-dimensional viewing space. The story mythologizes Brooklyn, while the screen’s geometry highlights the geometry of the space.
Installed in the BetaSpaces Art Festival

as light as air

NY Underwater (2010) Web Series
Behind swiveling library bookcases and down secret spiral stairs lies the world of New York’s underground performance art. This series showcases the colorful scene with its knife-juggling unicyclists, muscular bareback riders, pianotop contortionists, costume parties and more.
Broadcast on

Trapeze without the Tent

How Bat-Sheva Procrastinates (2010) Video Dance
How she playes the telephone game


Jinny and Jake (2009) (3 min) Short Film


Steeledance (2009) Video Dance
Created for the Steeledance company


Whorl (2009) Short Film
A traveler discovers an old ring in a fountain in Barcelona and is lost forever in the
labyrinth of the old Bari Goti.
Cinesalon Shorts Series in New York, NY, March 2010
MoPictive Shorts Series in New York, NY, March 2010


Dawning Days (2008) Music Video
Magic photographs lead a pair of detectives from surveillance to chase in this video for the band Hello Mahalo.

hello mahalo

Morning (2008) Dance Film
Experimenting with the use of texture on screen, this film tells the tale of a young couple who would rather sleep in.
Constellation Change Film Festival, London, England
Montage Video Dance Festival, Johannesburg, South Africa,
Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Boulder, CO
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market, Paris, France
MoPictive Shorts Series, New York
Picasso Machinery, New York
Selected by ArtAvant for distribution, 2009.


3F (2008) Dance Film
The rough and tumble relationship of a young couple fuels this motion triptych where narrative action and dance collide.
Constellation Change Film Festival,  London, England
Picasso Machinery, New York
Selected by ArtAvant for distribution, 2009.


Making It (2006) TV Pilot
Five college grads move to New York only to find their new lives aren't at all what they expected.
New York Television Festival


The Winter Quilt (2003) Short Film
Still photos and animation techniques inform this tale of a young woman who overcomes a great loss through the healing powers of memory and creation.
Atlanta Underground Film Festival


This One (2010)
Created for Corduroy Days Band

This one

Sing It (2010)
Created for Corduroy Days Band

Sing it

Apart the Seam (2010) Short Screenplay
A troubled young man makes a mysterious, silent friend, only to discover her purpose in his life is to teach him a terrible lesson.
Finalist for the Jesse Thompkins III Foundation Screenwriting/Directing Award

Glue (2009) Short Screenplay
Saul is too old to be lost in his hotel without a clue, without a key, and without his clothes. A character-driven comedy with a shy, silent protagonist.
Received one of the top popularity ratings at’s screenplay contest.

Directing for Hire (2011-present)
Clients include Conde Nast, the Global CCS Network, NCJW, Room to Grow,
Merkley + Partners, Lincoln Center, and more.


Additional Awards, Credits
Finalist for the Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship, 2020
Awarded scholarship to Nostos Screenwriting Retreat, 2019
Accepted to the New York Stage & Film's Filmmaking Lab, 2017
Winner of the Jesse Thompkins III Artist Award for Screenwriting & Directing. 2013
One of 3 filmmakers selected for Lighthouse International Film Festival's  "Write by the Sea" Residency, June 2016
Managing member of the FilmmakeHERS and the Directors Collective
Best Director, Art of Brooklyn Film Fest 2016