In This Life

Grief is unavoidable and universal; a painfully physical experience in which language is often inadequate and where words are often unable to convey loss or to comfort it.  In five acts, this film illustrates the stages of grief, exploring the language of loss through dance, narrative scenes, and performance art, conveying the complexity of grief in the often wordless way it impacts all our lives.

After every major loss, we must grieve for the person we used to be, for the future we thought we'd have. The journey to accept this new version of ourselves is often fraught with rage and pain as we shed our old skin to make way for the new. This film is about that journey.

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Directed by
Bat-Sheva Guez

Written by
Bat-Sheva Guez & Robbie Fairchild

Robbie Fairchild

James Alsop, Warren Craft,  Robbie Fairchild, Andrea Miller, Christopher Wheeldon

Giacomo Belletti

Production Design
Karen Weber

Kathleen Laituri, Heather Lang, Rico Lebron, Martha Nichols, Michael Rosen, Ahmad Simmons,  Ryan Steele, Abby Stephensen, Cassandra Surianello, Julien Valme

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Additional Festivals/Screenings:
Newport Beach Film Festival
Art of Brooklyn Film Fest
Lighthouse International Film Festival
Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival
Bolton International Film Festival
ADF Movies by Movers
Exit-6 Film Festival
On Art, Poland
Elba International Film Festival
InShadow Screendance Film Festival, Lisbon
Reel Affirmations Film Festival, Washington DC
Santa Monica College

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Huge congrats to batshevaguez (from episode 11) Her film #inthislifefilm won Best Experimental Film at the brooklynfilmfestival! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
#directing #5stagesofgrief #dancefilm #womeninfilm #inThisLifeMovie #WomeninFilm #filmmaker #filmmaking #nsldpodcast #filmmakingpodcast

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IN THIS LIFE will screen at Lighthouse Film Festival 🌟😎 congratulations Bat-Sheva Guez, Robbie Fairchild and, Jeanette Bonner AdventurePantsFilm #FFacceptances #inthislifefilm #filmmaking #filmfestivals #filmmakers

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#inthislifefilm WON BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM brooklynfilmfestival!!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈
Congratulations batshevaguez and robbiefairchild 🤸‍♂️ So honored to share a part of this beautiful work!!!
#5stagesofgrief #dancefilm #womeninfilm #inThisLifeMovie

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So moved by robbiefairchild ‘s performance today. This actor can seriously bring it. #InThisLifeFilm day 3/5 #directing #onset #filmmaking #ITLfilm ...

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We are going to Lincoln Center!! Such a milestone to screen something that I directed at the Walter Reade Theater. (But I will play it cool - NBD) #InThisLifeFilm is one of the highlight short films at the Dance on Camera Festival. .
Catch us July 12th at 8:45 pm. Oh, and I did I mention we have a trailer? Here it is. .
Starring robbiefairchild who wrote it with me. Choreography by jamesals0p Warren Craft, wheeldony gallimdanceco and Robbie Fairchild
Cast includes heatherblee, kathleen_laituri michaelhsurosen, ahmadsimmons cassysurianello abigailemstephenson, nichols14, ricolebron ryesteele julienvalme
Score by babyt33th

#dance #dancefilm #trailer #LincolnCenter #ITLmovie

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Our screening of In This Life is tonight! 7:30 pm at the Broad Stage on 11th street in Santa Monica. Tickets are free! I'm happy to be here and was so relieved to see a gorgeous rain this morning and no fires. Big thanks to smcedu for hosting us. Right now, robbiefairchild is off teaching a master class with Griz while I catch up on work. If you can make it to the screening, I would love to share this film with you! .
#ITLmovie #danceoncamera #grief thebroadstage #dance #dancefilm #performanceart

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I wanted to make my dance film In This Life because I wanted people to feel less alone in their grief. We don’t speak enough about grief and it can be incredibly isolating. So while it won’t take away your pain, I hope in watching my process of grief you feel less alone in yours. Thank you to all of you who watched and shared your comments. They really touched me. You can watch the whole film including the last movement on allartstv Thank you to all of my incredible collaborators and friends who helped make this ❤️ #inthislifefilm ...

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My beautiful dancers watching playback during our shoot yesterday. #InThisLifeFilm choreography by jamesals0p .
#directing #onset #behindthescenes #danceoncamera #inThisLifeMovie

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Spent my Labor Day directing a dance film in the ocean. Here are our dancers heatherblee and michaelhsurosen resting on the dock before our last setup. Choreography by dremills_gallim #InThisLifeFilm day 2/5. Masks by jortface .
#danceoncamera #womeninfilm #indiefilm #ITLfilm

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So I’m a day late...but it’s been a crazy busy two days of filming my first dance film #inthislifefilm An exploration of the language of loss. Beyond grateful to be collaborating with these amazing artists! ❤️❤️❤️batshevaguez giacomobelletti dremills_gallim wheeldony jamesals0p #warrencraft michaelhsurosen heatherblee rysteele ahmadsimmons nichols14 julienvalme kathleen_laituri cassysurianello eslyn9 ricolebron jortface dottavio77 #dreamer #filmmaker #danceonfilm #dance #storytelling #producer ...

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Apparently the New York Times thinks you should see my movie tonight!! I'm so honored to be mentioned. 💖 Catch IN THIS LIFE at 8:45 pm at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center. Tickers in my bio. .
#inthislifemovie #grief #dance #performanceart #movies nytimes

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How long did batshevaguez and I scoot around these candles and silverware in the foreground of this shot to get just the perfect vibe for this scene from #inthislifefilm? 😅 idk but a whiiiiile... #perfectionist #womeninfilm #productiondesign #webersnyc #weberproductiondesign ...

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Dear MA friends! My short film is screening in Providence at the (Oscar-qualifying ooh!) Rhode Island Int'l Film Festival. You're invited! We go on at 6pm. If you're around, it would be lovely to see you! flickers.riiff
#inthislifemovie #stagesofgrief #genre-bending #awardwinning #film

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