In This Life

Grief is unavoidable and universal; a painfully physical experience in which language is often inadequate and where words are often unable to convey loss or to comfort it.  In five acts, this film illustrates the stages of grief, exploring the language of loss through dance, narrative scenes, and performance art, conveying the complexity of grief in the often wordless way it impacts all our lives.

After every major loss, we must grieve for the person we used to be, for the future we thought we'd have. The journey to accept this new version of ourselves is often fraught with rage and pain as we shed our old skin to make way for the new. This film is about that journey.

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Directed by
Bat-Sheva Guez

Written by
Bat-Sheva Guez & Robbie Fairchild

Robbie Fairchild

James Alsop, Warren Craft,  Robbie Fairchild, Andrea Miller, Christopher Wheeldon,

Giacomo Belletti

Production Design
Karen Weber

Martha Nichols, Heather Lang, Michael Rosen, Ryan Steel, Ahmad Simmons, Julien Valme, Rico Lebron, Cassandra Surianello, Kathleen Laituri, Abby Stephensen

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In This Life - whole film