An interactive book event for young children with a focus on reading, music, and play!  With an  interactive portion at the end of the show, Reading Rainbow Live passes the joy of reading to the next generation.

Directed by Bat-Sheva Guez
Written by: Amy Guglielmo, Mustapha Khan & Bat-Sheva Guez

Starring: Kendall Joseph, Bella Wager, Zoë Olson, Max Beer, & Eli Hamilton

Cinematographer:  Giacomo Belletti
Music by: Mark Brymer and Max Beer
Production Design: Bill Swano
Set Decoration & Props: Karen Weber, Justin Weber

Executive Producers: Steven Beer, James P Axiotis
Producers:  Mark Harris, Ohana Pictures,  Megan Kingery, Mustapha Khan, Bill Swano

Excerpt and Pilot below via password.


EXCERPT: "Let's Get It Done"

PILOT EPISODE (First half. Live show not included)